Meet Dana

My Passion Runs Deep

My own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges that you encounter on a daily basis. This enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding to your unique situation.

My brief history...

*Emotional Eater: 

-    For over 40 years. I have finally gotten this obstacle in check, which was no easy feat! It started when my pediatrician called me fat just before my 10th birthday! This one statement destroyed my self confidence, my self worth and left me thinking that being thin was the answer to happiness. 

*Crohn's Disease: 

  -Diagnosed 1996: 4 surgeries and multiple medications (including biologics) for over a decade. I was even asked to go on a small bowel transplant list after my last surgery in 2008!  At that point in time, I had made a decision to heal my body, and I did...  The journey was tough, and the emotional eater in me kept getting in the way of my healing process, so I was fighting two battles instead of one. Now I'm pain free, symptom free and medication free for over a decade!

*Acute Myeloid Leukemia:

  -Diagnosed in 2012: 5 rounds of chemo and a stem cell transplant.
  -Complications: heart failure, renal failure and fungal pneumonia within 48 hours of my transplant. My immune system took a huge hit and it literally took years to build it back.
 -A holistic approach to wellness included: Maximize: what was needed for my body to heal. Minimize: toxins. Prioritize: an environment for healing

My journey may sound simple, but it wasn't easy. I've learned, over the years,  how to install solid mechanisms for lasting habit change is why I'm so passionate about helping you create new habits in your life!

My enthusiasm runs deep to support you, because if I can create a healthy body, anyone can. Wellness is a journey and results will not happen overnight, but with small manageable steps, your life can turn around as well! It starts with an awesome attitude and a strong belief that anything is possible! I know that with a positive mindset and the right guidance, anyone can change their situation and this is where I come in... My life experience is unique,  my passion runs deep and my education is expansive! A winning combination to collaborate with you and help you get to the next level in your life!

Fun Facts About Me!

** I was a pizza girl for 12 years, yep, I threw that dough in the air! 

** I am the youngest of 4 girls by 13, 16 and 18 years 

** I was born on my mom's 45th birthday

** I'm a health information nerd 

** I love to dance -  I have daily dance parties  

** I was a tomboy growing up 

** I'm a cat lady 

** I'm a podcast junkie

** I love dark chocolate 

** I've been an ultrasound tech since 1996 - high risk OB 

Why a Health Coach, Why Now?

Let’s be honest, I’ve been through the ringer when it comes to my health. Many times I was at a dead end, as you can read up above. I wasn’t taught the skill set to approach sustainable healing. My passion is to give YOU the ability to THRIVE in your life! If I can do this for myself, I can help you have the life that you envision. Through my lifetime, thus far, I’ve learned that BALANCE is key to a healthy life. 

Now, what exactly is a health coach?

A holistic health coach takes a whole mind/body approach to wellness. I give you support without judgement. What this means is that I go beyond food and diet and explore many avenues that you can improve your quality of life. I give you accountability to show up for yourself. Together we create lasting habit change, which leads to overall happiness! I give you the stretch you need to obtain your goals! Through proven techniques we apply what feels right and achievable in your life, at this moment. This program is specifically tailored to your needs. Best of all, the process is easy and fun! 

My Approach

I partner with you and give you the support you need to achieve your heath and wellness desires. I give you the accountability to show up for yourself and this I’ve found is half the battle. Last, but not least, I’ll give you that gentle push to go beyond your created expectations to reach your goals. My ability to get to the root cause of your dis-ease is my new greatest gift. Functional medicine looks at the body as interconnected, no problem stands alone. Together we will figure out what is the root cause of your symptoms and how to maximize what’s needed for your body to heal, minimize the toxins and prioritize a healing environment for your unique body!

· Help you see things in a different light to get you “unstuck”.

· Hold your vision of health and wellness

· Master mindfulness, gratitude and habit change

· Approach daily stressors in a new way

· Enable you to enjoy your NEW LIFE one step a a time!

Let me help you with your journey to new and improved health! Schedule a free consultation today! 

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