Customized Programs

We'll get to the root of your health issues so that you will feel better and live a happier life. We'll customize a wellness plan based on your unique needs. Through your transformation:  I'll support you, I'll hold you accountable to do the work and use some tough love in order to stretch you to reach your goals! 

Personal Attention

We start with an initial health consultation and then I will meet with you one-on-one twice a month for about 45-55 minutes per session and offer support between sessions. I'll educate you,  give you detailed follow-up notes and informative hand-outs to make it easy to attain your health goals. 


By addressing the underlying cause of your health issues, we'll figure out the best way to create an environment for healing. The human body is interconnected and there isn't one bodily process that happens without another system.  Together we will figure out you're root cause and create a program for you to finally find wellness.

Are you struggling with...

 Feeling like crap? You can’t put your finger on what’s going on in your own body? You used to feel great, but now you don’t have the energy to enjoy your free time? Trouble focusing? Feeling bloated and gassy after a meal? Aches and pains that you a relating to aging? You can’t keep up with your kids? Chronic headaches?

Just know that I understand what it is to suffer from suboptimal health. I know what it feels like when you are fatigued, are in constant pain and lack the desire to engage in everyday activities. The worst part of feeling out of sorts, is not knowing what to do.  In my own experience, I could not seem to get off this roller coaster of feeling terrible.  Despite my challenges, I’ve learned how to live life normally without medication or deprivation. I’ve mastered the art of BALANCE and with balance, comes healing. Read my bio and you’ll understand my passion to help you

When we work together

 We will create a system that is tailored to your needs, because each person is unique! I meet you where you are at in your health journey and in return, you will feel like you are alive again! I will support you through transition, I will hold you accountable to show up for yourself and I will stretch you reach your goals one step at a time. This system is interactive, easy and fun! You are worth this and you deserve to live your life even better than before your health got away from you… 

What you can expect

 A personalized program for you and only you.  You will get unbiased support. Together we will figure out the right balance that you need to have your quality of life increase beyond your expectations one step at a time and I will hold you accountable for those steps. I will cheer for you when you feel triumphant and pick you up when you feel defeated. We will engage in new stress and coping mechanisms. We will explore new foods and create a balance in your life that you may have lost site of. We will determine what foods and daily habits increase inflammation and cause havoc in your body. This is a win win situation for you to submerge into, because you, my friend, deserve only the best!

When was the last time you focused on you? Yep, I thought so! What I have to offer is the least selfish thing you can do for yourself and the loved ones in your life.  Click the calendar link and set up a free breakthrough session today!




"I am so grateful for Dana, and lucky to say I have known her  for years.  She is living proof of the power of mind and spirit to overcome the worst obstacles life has to offer.  She’s not just a survivor, but a thriver.  She is a healer. Intermittently, I find myself touching base, or reaching out about a complex auto-immune patient, hormone testing, or nutrition recommendations.  I never thought I would be a client.

I found myself after a very intense year of caring for others, then the trauma of loss, needing to find agency in my life.  After relying on friends, I sought professional help.  However neither my primary provider, nor therapist could help me.  Some how, Dana came to mind, I called her up and low-and-behold she was back to health coaching. It was kismet.

As a doctor, I know all the right things to do – avoid inflammatory foods, decrease alcohol intake, exercise regularly, etc.   I was ready to cut back on the drinking, yet I still didn’t have it in me for routine exercise.  I decided that the only thing I could find a semblance of control over is what food I put into my face.  Yet, getting started on a new journey seemed daunting.  We are our own best advocate, yet don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, It is impossible to pathologize the self.

I have high expectations of myself and I wanted to truly detox, she supported that and supported that I am human – it’s OK to eat some soy lecithin, or an extra serving of fruit – it must be sustainable! I never got bored, or “hangry,” mostly because of the creative, simple solutions offered.  I actually got interested in creating new recipes, sharing new insights with her.  She offers modifications which are easy enough to adapt to every day.  Breakfast is always the hardest meal for me, and there are only so many days in a week I can do a smoothie, her breakfast cereal recipe saved my day!

I refer patients to Dana regularly, referring to her as  “guru Dana.”  I feel well guided by a very intuitive, knowledgeable person.  There is so much healing necessary in the human form that simply cannot be treated by allopathic medicine.  She is an ever-abundant resource for me, it is hard to believe that she is primarily self-taught."



"I was referred to Dana on Instagram by a friend who I'd been working with to improve my health and well-being.  I decided that consulting a professional would be a great move and it would push me to commit to the changes that were needed.  We had a great initial consult and I was looking forward to working with her.  My objectives were broader than just diet and physical health.  Over the 12 week program, we covered food, diet, exercise, water intake, digestive issues, work habits and harmony, relationship habits and harmony and much much more.

At the end of our 12 weeks, I will attempt to stay the course on my own and follow all of the nurturing accountability and advice.  I may come back for a pep talk periodically.  It has been a wonderful and unexpected journey with Dana and her extensive knowledge and intuition."


 "We started coaching on 12/7/2016. The first session was a minty day goal setting. At this time, my iron level was very low. So, that was my first Goal.  Second goal was we worked on breathing exercises to open lungs. Dana got to work right away, sent me foods that would help build my iron, as well as, great menus for tasty food, what to drink to help my fluid intake became a daily must. We then started on my COPD. She helped me with food that would help my breathing. She explained that my chewing was so important for the breathing. She then worked with exercise that I could do to increase my lungs. Next she worked on my relaxing while eating. Then did a wonderful relaxing exercise. Her voice just made the stress melt away. I feel so blessed to have Dana help me to reach a better way of life. I have seen much progress. I would highly recommend her to any person who wants to feel the way they can." 


 "Dana is professional and passionate about her coaching career. She is extremely knowledgeable about health and food choices. Her caring approach to coaching and dedication to helping clients achieve their goals to understanding health and the choices we make is invaluable to anyone who she works with. The work we did together was thought provoking, belief shifting and helped with habit change. Our relationship is still ongoing." 


Before I started with Dana, I was feeling ill, run down and tired. I was having trouble making it through my work day, getting up in the morning and going to work. I went to the doctor and found  my blood pressure was high, I was on the verge of diabetes. 

I reached out to Dana, I was trying to not have to take prescription drugs for the rest of my life. Dana worked with me to make meal plans, good foods to eat for my particular issues. She kept up with me to make sure I was doing ok. I’m sure she talked to me longer than she had to.  I started feeling better, my doctor checked my blood and I was doing better. 2 months in and my doctor was impressed with my results. I had more energy, felt better, and found myself even happier. Dana has done me a great service. More than just getting my stats back inline so, I am not taking medications to get through my day. I didn’t realize that I was so down. All of that is in my past and I couldn’t be more grateful 

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